BC Supermoto 2015 Schedule

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BCSM 2015 Schedule
Apr 19 PCMRC – GMR
May 24 PCMRC – GMR
June 21 PCMRC – GMR
July TBA
Sept TBA
First 3 dates with Pacific Coast Mini Racing Club at Greg Moore Raceway (GMR).

Rider Gear/Bike Requirements:
Bikes – must meet 82db @ 100 feet & be equiped with sliders & catch bottles & no antifreeze.
Gear -3.1 Rider Equipment 3.1.1 Full leathers with armor are highly recommended for all classes. Kevlar race suits (1 piece or zip together), heavy duty (enduro) jacket, with leather or motocross pants with armor may be permitted. However, for 6-9 youth, motocross type riding apparel with knee pads (no sparking sliders) and a full chest/back protector will also be allowed as a substitute to a road race back protector. 3.1.2 Snell M2010 approved 3.1.3 Helmet face shields, eyeglasses or goggles must be made of shatter proof material.3.1.4 Approved full fingered leather or Kevlar gloves in good condition, with no holes or other openings except for breathing holes. Road racing boots, motocross boots or leather boots that cover the rider’s ankles are required.
3.1.5 APPROVED BACK PROTECTOR is required. It is mandatory that all riders participating in CNMRA events must wear an approved back protector.
3.1.6 Each Pit must have a functional fire extinguisher readily available at all times.
Extinguishers must be the dry-chemical type. Must be 5lb. or equivalent.

Practice days are available at GMR on non race days. Track Mgr. can measure to see if your bike passes sound.
– more info:
Please check the WCKC race date schedule before coming to Greg Moore Raceway to practice!
One Day Practice Pass (members any day after 8:30 AM other than on scheduled race events), (non-members after 10 AM Wednesday to Sunday only. Please report to the Track Manager on arrival) New practice rates are in effect for the 2013 season $75 for non-members per day + HST